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Taxi Centrale Dordrecht

Taxi Centrale Dordrecht, a taxi company with 95 years of history in South Holland

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taxibedrijf met 95 jaar geschiedenis in Zuid-Holland

Taxi company in South Holland

Taxi Centrale Dordrecht has a rich history. Our taxi company has been in operation for over 95 years, during which we have always provided professional transportation services to our customers.

Of course, over the past century that we have been active in passenger transportation, we have experienced a great development as a company. From initially offering transportation services with horse and carriage, we have evolved into a service-oriented taxi company with a modern fleet of Mercedes-Benz taxis.


Modern fleet of taxis

For passenger transport, Taxi Centrale Dordrecht has a fleet of no fewer than 21 exclusive Mercedes vehicles. Our cars are easily recognizable by the red sign on the roof. We have Mercedes E-class vehicles for up to four people, and Mercedes V-class and Mercedes Vito cars for up to eight people. All our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and navigation.

Taxi Centrale Dordrecht logo

Would you like to know more about Taxi Centrale Dordrecht in South Holland or our fleet of vehicles? Feel free to contact us.

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